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Welcome to IKEA Austria – your home decor and furniture store

Meet our wide range of multitalented storage personalities, like RÅGODLING

We love storage that not only takes care of your needs but also adds beauty and personality to your home. A great storage box ticks more than just one box.

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A grey sofa in front of a BILLY storage system full of clothes and boxes. A RÅGODLING box is placed on a step stool.
A person puts a RÅGODLING box with a yellow scarf on a shelf. We see the checkered pattern on the inside of the box’s lid.
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A dining chair that’s full of surprises

We love surprises like the EBBALYCKE dining chair. It woos us with its simplicity and comfort. Then it knocks our socks off with a back pocket for napkins and other essentials.

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An EBBALYCKE chair faces an arch and wall decorated with ceiling medallions. Flowers are tucked into the chair’s back pocket.
Four EBBALYCKE dining chairs are set around an INGATORP extendable table. Four TRETTIOEN pendant lamps hang above the table.
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Expand your kitchen in one afternoon

Bring the cosy, comfy feeling of indoors outside with a KANTSTOLPE rug and some ENSHOLM chairs. Even on a rainy day, you will feel right at home.

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Video: A patio floor with plants in the afternoon sun, and a semi-rolled up flatwoven KANTSTOLPE rug is rolling back and forth.
A sunny corner of a patio with plants, and an ENSHOLM chair on a green, flatwoven KANTSTOLPE rug with a stripe pattern.
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The first side table you can take for a walk

Meet the takeaway table. Thanks to its handle, you can pick up BURVIK side table and take it wherever you (and your snacks) want to go.

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Video: Two men passing each other in a studio, one walking a dog and the other walking a green BURVIK side table by its handle.
A close-up of a green BURVIK side table and its handle. The side table is in a white studio space and shows half the table.
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Several TRETTIOEN pendant lamps hang in front of a beige wall and a white wall decorated with ceiling medallions.

We’ve got news for you

Ready to give your home a new look? Or looking for a little makeover inspiration? We’ve always got something fresh and new to discover. Whatever you need, IKEA’s the place to go.

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